iPad Pro schematic shows off an unsurprisingly big iPad

If Apple does offer a 12.2-inch iPad as expected, there’s a good chance it will look like the current iPads. Bigger of course, but not very different — with one exception: Four speakers instead of two.

That tidbit comes from a set of schematics for the reported iPad Pro that will be published in the next edition of Mac Fan magazine in Japan. It doesn’t take much effort with the right design app to create your own schematics for a device, of course, but 9to5 Mac notes that Mac Fan published accurate schematics of the [company]Apple[/company] iPhone 6 and 6 Plus before those handsets launched.

ipad pro schematics


Looking at the sides of the drawn device, you can see four speaker grilles; the current iPads only have a speaker on one edge. That would suggest such a tablet would be great for content consumption. Not only would have it have a large display for video, but also several speakers for sound.

If Apple does release a larger iPad such as this, however — and I suspect it will in 2015 — it would likely be aimed at productivity tasks. The larger display would support larger Bluetooth keyboard attachments, for starters. Perhaps Apple introduces its own.

More importantly though, it’s likely the bigger iPad would support running two or more apps at once on the display: Code in iOS 8 hints at that┬ápossibility, which has already been demonstrated in the iOS 8 simulator.