Uber calls in the cavalry to keep service in Boston

Uber’s not letting a little (well a ton of) bad publicity get in the way of trying to save its ride-share service in Boston.

The company has asked area [company]Uber[/company] customers and drivers to show up as a sign of support for a 1:30 p.m. Monday hearing at City Hall by the Committee on City, Neighborhood Services and Veterans Affairs. At issue is whether ride-sharing services such as Uber, [company]Lyft[/company] and [company]Sidecar[/company] should be more tightly regulated — or even allowed to continue operating in the city. More here from BostInno.

Uber is reportedly about to close another $1 billion in funding which would bring its valuation up to $40 billion or so — but has also been besieged by bad press about its surge pricing practices, loose-lipped executive talk about digging up dirt on journalists, and reports of Uber drivers assaulting passengers or being assaulted by passengers.

Boston cab companies and their drivers are also expected to show up to protest the incursion of shared-ride services into their turf. Cab fleet operators complain that car-share services do not have to meet the same regulatory and insurance requirements that they do, although given the horrendous PR local cab operators have had, it’s really hard to pick a hero here.