Video: These are the robots that handle your Amazon order

When you hit the “buy” button on that Amazon Cyber Monday deal, it could be a robot that pulls it out of the warehouse. Amazon released a video Sunday that shows its 15,000 Kiva robots at work, and it’s pretty neat to see how the whole system comes together.

Amazon fulfills orders out of huge warehouses located all over the U.S. At most of the warehouses, it’s up to the company’s human employees to walk up and down the aisles and grab the items to be boxed up.

But 10 of the newest warehouses rely on the Kiva robots to grab entire shelves of goods and ferry them to a human employee. They line up and, one by one, the employee grabs items for packing. Then the robot carries the shelf back to storage. Because the shelves don’t need to be arranged in aisles, Amazon can pack in 50 percent more items than it can in its more traditional warehouses.

The squat, round robots look a lot like a Roomba, but are smart enough to avoid obstacles. They travel directly to the shelf they need and slip underneath. A cylinder then pops out of their top and lifts the shelf into the air.

You can watch them in action here: