Video look at BlackBerry Classic: If only it came out in 2010

BlackBerry is gearing up for sales of its new twist on an old classic — the BlackBerry Classic, to be precise. On Wednesday, the company shared this brief video look at its latest handset with hardware keyboard, showing a glimpse of the updated hardware, web browser and app stores.


In its blog post, [company]BlackBerry[/company] says the browser is three times faster than that of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and has the highest rating from I like how BlackBerry includes a Reader Mode in the browser as well; Android still doesn’t have an official one (although you can add it with a few simple steps).

Given that the video is barely over a minute long and coming from BlackBerry itself, it’s just a very high-level look at what to expect from the Classic. A few points from the video jumped out at me, though.

First, there’s an obvious distinction between the two available app stores. The Classic will have both BlackBerry World as well as access to Amazon’s AppStore, which is comprised of Android applications. The former store was referred to for productivity while the Amazon storefront appears aimed at entertainment.

blackberry classic

Second, as I look at the Classic with its high-resolution, square screen paired with the famous BlackBerry hardware keyboard, I can’t help but think that this is the phone BlackBerry should have created to counter both the iPhone and Android handsets some four or more years ago. Had it done so, sales might not have toppled and more developers would still be interested in building apps for BlackBerry.

Since that didn’t happen, BlackBerry has little choice but to rely on another app store and set of developers, even if it finally figured out the hardware and a more modern operating system. If that works for you, the company is now taking pre-orders for the Classic, priced at $449.00.