With 100M users, Truecaller starts making call suggestions

Every time I write about the increasingly well-funded “search engine for contacts,” Truecaller, I feel compelled to note how great the Swedish firm’s growth is. Continuing that trend, on Wednesday the company announced that it now has 100 million users (the total was 85 million a few months back, and 10 million when I first covered it in early 2013.)

That’s not all [company]Truecaller[/company] revealed on Wednesday: it’s also launched a new version of its Android app, introducing a predictive feature that recommends to the user who she might want to get in touch with, based on call history, time and location. The example the firm gives is one of someone who always calls home when leaving work each day.

This app has certainly come a long way from being a reverse-lookup phone directory service.

“This is the first step we are taking to make Truecaller more intelligent and personal,” CEO Alan Mamedi said in a statement. “We’ve made these advancements to save time for our users and make their lives less complicated when they want to get in touch with someone.”

Apart from the slightly [company]Google[/company] Now-esque call suggestion feature, Truecaller version 5 also pulls in information from contacts’ social media profiles to keep their entries up-to-date, and allows users to search their own address books and Truecaller’s 1.5 billion-contact directory (made up of users’ personal address books) in one go.

The new version is also supposedly lighter on memory usage, and there’s also been some tweakage on the user interface front, to make it easier to place a call from within the app. No word yet on when the new version will hit iOS, Windows Phone, [company]BlackBerry[/company] and [company]Nokia[/company] feature phones.

Here’s a video with inspirational music:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcsUwvNSEdY&w=560&h=315]