Is your website ready for a spike in holiday traffic?

Online retailers will generate billions of dollars this holiday season. While this is excellent news for ecommerce companies, it also means more customers than ever will be heading online. Can your website handle the spike in traffic?

Although more visitors to your site are great for business, they can create a strain on your servers, inevitably making your site or app slower for users. And speed is essential for retailers; shoppers who end up waiting too long for the items they want to load will go elsewhere.

If you run an ecommerce business, you generally have two options to ensure your customers get the best online experience over the holidays:

  1. Buy extra server space. The downside to this option is that this space will sit unused for the majority of the year.
  2. Offload traffic onto a content delivery network (CDN). This is the most efficient option, but many CDNs only work with static content (like images and text) and can’t serve dynamic content (like changing prices, user-generated comments, and API calls).

Neither of these options are perfect, but there is a third possibility: offload your traffic onto a next-generation CDN like Fastly, which gives you more control over your content and real-time performance analytics.

Modern CDNs allow you to maintain site performance while caching both static and dynamic content. Learn more about the benefits of next-generation CDNs, including faster content delivery and optimized page loading times, here.