WorldSIM’s new gadget combines Wi-Fi and storage with power bank

The British firm WorldSIM is both a global-minded virtual mobile network operator, with SIM cards that help people use their mobile devices relatively cheaply while travelling, and a provider of travel accessories. These gadgets have included fairly nondescript pocket Wi-Fi routers and dual-SIM handsets, but the latest one is quite interesting.

The WorldSIM Tri-Fi incorporates: A portable Wi-Fi hotspot with a SIM slot, coming with both one of the company’s SIM cards and an Ethernet port for hotels that provide wired connectivity; a 5200mAh power bank for charging mobile devices; and the ability to take microSD cards of up to 32GB in capacity.

WorldSIM Tri-Fi

WorldSIM Tri-Fi

The Tri-Fi’s hotspot functionality can serve up to 10 devices, and the SIM card enables data roaming in 168 countries.

[company]WorldSIM[/company]’s prices start at 8p ($0.13) per megabyte, though of course this depends on which local carrier the firm is using at the time – it’s cheapest in Europe and North America, but you’d be paying as much as $15 per megabyte in many parts of the world. One rival that might be worth checking out is a Hong Kong firm called Glocalme, which has a similar device and often cheaper rates, but covers less than half as many countries.

The Tri-Fi is now up for pre-order at the price of $120, with deliveries promised before Christmas. The regular price will be $180.