T-Mobile adds an unlimited data family plan, two lines for $100

For heavy smartphone users who prefer unlimited data, T-Mobile has a new family plan that could end up being a solid deal.

Starting on Wednesday, T-Mobile will begin offering a family plan under its Simple Choice brand that offers two lines for $100 per month. Not only does this plan have unlimited minutes and text messages, it also offers unlimited LTE data. To add another phone (up to 10 devices in total) it will cost $40 a month for each additional line.

Of course, with any carrier plan, you’ve got to look at the fine print. For instance, you can use your phone as a mobile hotspot under this plan, but only for your first 5GB of data per month. And although T-Mobile denies that it “broadly” throttles its customers with unlimited data, for top users — such as users who torrent on their unlimited plan or run a persistent web camera — T-Mobile reserves the right to reach out and “help them change.”


Even with those caveats, T-Mobile’s plan seems like a great deal for new customers and existing subscribers alike. A four person plan works out to $45 per person per month, which is a good discount over T-Mobile’s unlimited individual plan, which costs $80 per month. Plus, this new plan will keep data pricing pressure up on [company]AT&T[/company] and [company]Verizon[/company], which don’t offer unlimited data at all to new customers.

Just keep in mind that [company]T-Mobile[/company] doesn’t subsidize its devices, so you’ll have to buy your families’ smartphones in installments or pay the total cost upfront.