Here it is: Nokia’s navigation app arrives in the Play Store

After more than a million direct downloads of the beta, Nokia’s Here mapping software is available in the Google Play Store. The navigation app was initially made available for specific Samsung Galaxy phones this year and was later expanded to more Android devices through the site. As of Wednesday, any Android 4.1 or greater device can install the app directly through the Play Store.

Nokia said the most active downloaders of the beta for [company]Google[/company] Android came from the U.S. and Germany. The app has maps for 118 countries around the world though, with 18 new regions in this edition: Algeria, Angola*, Bangladesh*, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Cyprus, Iraq, Libya, Mauritania, Mauritius, Nepal*, Paraguay, Saint Helena, Senegal*, Sri Lanka*, Suriname*, Zambia*, Zimbabwe*. Those countries with asterisks don’t yet have all of their roadways mapped so turn-by-turn directions may be limited in them.

This brief video shows off Here’s features, which include offline search capabilities on maps as well as Glympse integration:


Nokia used to offer Here maps for [company]Apple[/company] iOS devices as well. The company pulled the app from the platform in December 2013, however because it said changes made in iOS 7 harmed the user experience. Nokia seems to have figured out how to rectify the issues, saying Here for iOS will return to the App Store in early 2015.