Make your own Product Hunt collections and bookmarks

Happy holidays, early, from Product Hunt. The self-described “Reddit for products” has introduced a few new tools that diehard fans have been asking for.

First up: You can now bookmark the cool stuff you come across. The site’s aficionados were resorting to other services, like Trello, to keep track of all their finds. This lets them do it in Product Hunt itself. But investors and sex addicts beware: For now, your bookmarking is public. Don’t go saving your potential investments or all the variations on the PornHub app, unless you want the world to know your secrets.

The second product feature is do-it-yourself collections. Users can create their own Product Hunt lists, compiling groups of products around a certain theme or commonality. Product Hunt has been releasing its own collections for months now — founder Ryan Hoover tells me there are roughly one hundred of them. Popular ones range from the “Uber-for-x” app list to my personal favorite “Fashion Hunt.”

The make-your-own option allows experts and wannabe experts to get in on the curation. Product Hunt will feature the best ones on the site and give them free marketing boosts via Twitter and the like.

The collections that Product Hunt has created itself will also now be available. Before, Product Hunt didn’t compile them together or make them easy to find, since the fledgling company doesn’t have the resources to update them when new products are released. You’d have to resort to hackery using the collections slug Product Hunt still won’t be updating its guides, but Hoover is banking on you making your own collections instead of hounding Product Hunt to update its own.

Product Hunt’s new features are fun, but there’s a deeper purpose behind them than just pleasing the users. The company aims to expand topics beyond tech and startups, creating Product Hunts for subjects like fashion or sports. By promoting its collections and encouraging other people to take part, Product Hunt is priming its users for these new categories. Hoover says we can expect to see new Product Hunt sections in the first or second quarter of 2015.

The company is also developing its search engine technology, gathering related information on different products so it can one day introduce recommendation algorithms and stronger discovery features.

The rookie Valley favorite is growing bigger by the day.

Screenshot of how you add an app to a collection from your Product Hunt home screen

Screenshot: How to add an app to a collection from your Product Hunt home screen