Microsoft’s MSN apps make the move over to Android and iOS

In its continued effort to attract users for its apps and services, Microsoft released six of its MSN apps for Android and iOS devices on Thursday. Previously, the titles were specific to Windows and Windows Phone but this year, Microsoft broadened its approach of rolling out numerous apps for non-Microsoft platforms.

msn weather android

[company]Google[/company] Android and [company]Apple[/company] iOS device owners can grab the software from the Play Store and App Store respectively with the following titles available according to Win SuperSite:

  • MSN News
  • MSN Money
  • MSN Sports
  • MSN Food & Drink
  • MSN Health & Fitness
  • MSN Weather (Android only for now)

While it may appear on the surface that [company]Microsoft[/company] is “giving up” on Windows Phone by making these and other mobile apps — Office, OneDrive and Xbox Music, for example — on competing platforms, I don’t think that’s the case at all. Instead, Microsoft has used 2014 to add to its mobile strategy, which also includes a focus on low-cost Windows Phone hardware.

At this point in the global smartphone transition, it’s difficult for the company to wrest market share away at the high-end, which explains the lack of new flagship phones. Besides, the low-end of the market is growing faster. And if Microsoft can get people using its software on other mobile devices, it could regain a higher sense of relevancy in the market, perhaps even gaining some hardware switchers down the road with future flagship phones that have deep software integration.