Vonage adds ‘can’t talk now’ by double tap on Android Wear watches

Starting this week, Vonage has added a new feature to its Mobile App on Android Wear watches: the company claims to be the first to offer users the capability to select to send one of five preset responses to respond to texts, and a double tap to indicate ‘can’t talk now’ to an incoming phone call.



The preset schoices are these:

  • I’m in!
  • In a meeting, can’t talk right now
  • Busy, ttyl?
  • Running late, be there soon
  • I’ll talk to you soon


Users can also respond to a text with a voice-to-text response.


I think it’s small affordances like these that will make the real case for wearables, and taking that last step into the intensely personal. I know that I would use the voice to text response several times a day.