Tasks on your wrist: ToDoist arrives on Android Wear watches

ToDoist task on watchGoogle Android Wear watches can already help you manage tasks but ToDoist thinks it has a better solution. That’s why the company is shrinking down its popular to-do app to fit on a smaller screen: ToDoist for Android Wear support is now included in the free app.

Once installed on an Android Wear watch and wirelessly tethered to a phone or tablet, ToDoist can be used to create tasks through voice commands by saying  “OK Google, start Todoist. Add task.”

These tasks will sync over to your connected Android phone and be added to your task list. Since ToDoist also synchs data through the cloud, any tasks added from the watch will be available through ToDoist on the web, other Android devices, [company]Apple[/company] iOS, [company]Microsoft[/company] Windows, Mac, Chrome and other supported platforms.

Android Wear owners can add tasks natively and use [company]Google[/company] Keep or some other task management software. But by comparison, some of those options aren’t as robust as ToDoist.

For example, your tasks can be added by someone else — say a family member or co-worker — in ToDoist. These will appear on your Android Wear watch as they’re added, which is helpful but it gets better: You can use your voice to reply as a comment to these tasks. Like some other competing options, ToDoist also includes location-based notifications for tasks. Your watch might vibrate, for example, if you have a task to pick up milk and you’re nearing the supermarket.

ToDoist was named as one of Google’s top apps for 2014, even before this Android Wear function arrived. Extending the great app to the wrist makes it even better.