Samsung cans cross-platform ChatOn messaging service

As predicted last month, Samsung is pulling the plug on its ChatOn messaging service.

The Korean news service Yonhap reported on Friday that [company]Samsung[/company] will axe the service on February 1, quoting the company as saying it was doing so “in line with efforts to meet the changing demands in the market and provide differentiated services to users, focusing on other areas such as health and mobile commerce.”

ChatOn has been around since 2011 as a fully cross-platform play – it wasn’t just for Samsung phones, though it came preinstalled – but, according to plausible calculations by TechInAsia, it was unlikely to have gathered more than 50 million active monthly users. Considering Samsung shipped 320 million smartphones in 2013, that’s pretty poor, and it left the app way behind the likes of [company]Facebook[/company]’s WhatsApp (600 million monthly active users) and [company]Tencent[/company]’s WeChat (around 440 million last time we checked.)

Those reports back in November suggested that ChatOn would only be canned in some regions, but it looks as if it will expire everywhere in the first quarter of 2015, including in the U.S., although that market will reportedly get a different shutdown date than elsewhere. According to Samsung, users will be able to download their chat record, photos and videos before the closure.