Asus teases dual lens phone for CES, possibly for optical zoom

Although, the new year hasn’t even started, I’m already seeing signs of what to expect. And one of these expectations is more phones with dual lens cameras. [company]Asus[/company] may be among the handset makers embracing that trend based on a teaser video it posted Sunday on Facebook.

The 10 second video doesn’t show us much — it is supposed to tease us, after all — but the tagline of “See what others can’t see” tips us in the direction of imaging. There are quick glimpses of a phone and, if you pause the video at just the right spot, you can see two lenses on the backside of the handset. Here’s an image captured by Nguy?n Hoàng Linh showing the pair of sensors:

asus dual camera phone

This wouldn’t be the first smartphone with a pair of lenses: The HTC One M8 uses two such sensors with its Duo Lens camera to capture both an image and depth information that, when combined, can be used to refocus the picture when processing it.

I don’t think Asus is rehashing that idea though. Instead, I’m betting on an implementation similar to what Corephotonics showed off early this year. That company’s dual lenses boost low-light performance and let the cameras act like a sort of optical zoom by combining the images from both a wide-angle and a telephoto lens into a single picture with output like this:

corephotonics fusion zoom

Engadget got a demonstration of this technology back in February, sharing a video of the product capabilities and how it works.

corephotonics zoomWe’ll see in two short weeks if I’m right and that Asus is using sensors from Corephotonics — or a similar competing product — and my guess is that Asus won’t be the only one to debut such technology at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. 2015 could go down as the year we got optical zoom features on our smartphones without the bulk of an actual zoom lens.