Oracle’s at it again: Acquires data broker Datalogix

Oracle continues to build its cloud-and-data arsenal, announcing its intention to buy Datalogix, a data marketing specialist that gleans consumer sentiment data via pacts with Facebook and Twitter and other sources.

In a statement, Datalogix said it aggregates information based on over “$2 trillion in consumer spending from 1,500 data partners across 110 million households to provide purchase-based targeting and drive more sales.” It also claims that 82 of the top 100 advertisers in the U.S. including Ford Motor Co. and Kraft Foods. In fact the availability of all that data has provoked concern at the consumer watchdog the Center for Digital Democracy which wants the Federal Trade Commission to  scrutinize this deal.

As companies in the consumer product goods, automotive and other industries try to reap the biggest possible advantage from social networks,  the data gathered by companies like Datalogix, Acxiom and Epsilon is seen as extremely valuable. This purchase comes 10 months after Oracle purchased Bluekai, another player in this data aggregation space.

The buy shows that the race to build marketing automation war chests between [company]Oracle[/company]  and [company]Salesforce. com [/company]– which over the past few years bought Buddy Media and ExactTarget  continues. But it’s no two-horse race: [company]Adobe Systems[/company] is also a major player via its acquisitions of Omniture and Neolane.

These software vendors clearly still see marketing as a key segment and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) as strategic customers for the marketing suites they are putting together.

For its most recent quarter, Oracle claimed big growth in its cloud businesses.

oracle data cloud chart