A key touch feature from Android is availble in Chrome OS

Although the Chrome OS platform isn’t known as touch-friendly software, there are some touchscreen Chromebooks on the market. And Google has slowly added more features to take advantage of these screens. The latest, according to Google’s François Beaufort, brings a key feature from the Chrome browser for Android to make web browsing easier in Chrome OS.

When tapping links in [company]Google[/company]’s Chrome for Android, you’ll sometimes see the browser surface a small bubble to zoom in on the link. This happens particularly in the case where several links are in close proximity and the reason it occurs is so that Chrome doesn’t accidentally follow the wrong link. By zooming in, you can make sure the correct link is tapped.

It’s a handy feature and is now available in Chrome OS. Since this is experimental, you’ll have to enable it, which is an easy process. Simply type chrome://flags in the Chrome OS browser and find the enable-link-disambiguation-popup option. Enable it and restart the browser to activate the feature.

disambiguation popup Chrome OS

I’ve long wanted a Chrome OS tablet and this would make such a device easier to use. So too would the software keyboard Google began adding to the platform in April of last year. Even so, Chrome OS isn’t yet optimized for touch input — nor are some web sites — so even though we’re a step closer to a Chrome tablet, I think my wait will continue.