The Interview will reportedly be screened on Christmas Day

The movie that Sony at first wouldn’t release, then claimed it wanted to release, may get released after all. The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Texas indie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse has gotten the go-ahead to screen The Interview on Christmas Day.

The Seth Rogan–James Franco comedy about the assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was pulled from distribution last week after Sony became the target of a massive hacker attack tied to North Korea. Then it looked as if the movie would never see the light day of day, but since then Sony has said it would find some way of distributing the movie.

Since then there have been swarms of rumors and speculation about how and when the movie would be released. But Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League confirmed to the News that Sony has “authorized shows for Christmas Day.” League added the Drafthouse “will have Dallas shows on sale within the hour.”

The Plaza Theater also stated on social media it will screen The Interview and began posting showtimes on its Facebook page. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sony is telling theaters it plans on releasing the movie on video-on-demand as it debuts on the screen.