Amazon details new syncing features for Zocalo collaboration tool

Here’s more proof that Amazon’s Zocalo work-collaboration tool is targeting the file-sync-and-share players like Dropbox and Box: you can now sync files to your computer or mobile device through a shared folder.

[company]Amazon[/company] explained the update in a blog post yesterday, saying that users can “set up per-project folders and share them with members of the project team on an as-needed basis.” After setting up a shared folder, team members can then access those documents and each time they edit and save the file, Zocalo records those changes.

Zocalo shared folders

Zocalo shared folders

The new syncing feature is optional for users and, if you want it, you’ll have to activate it in the preferences section of your Zocalo client.

Like Gigaom analyst Janakiram MSV explained in July when Amazon first unveiled Zocalo, the new work-collaboration tool seems to compete with the enterprise offerings of Dropbox and Box, and the new ability to sync files through a shared file take it a step further; both Dropbox and Box have similar features.

In the past several months, both Dropbox and Box have been rolling out new work-collaboration tools built on top of their enterprise accounts with Dropbox’s Project Harmony tool being the most recent. Project Harmony allows users to share edits and comments with one another when running Microsoft Office-related programs.