Samsung shuts down its flagship retail store in London

If you’re doing any last-minute Christmas shopping for a gadget lover in the U.K., you’re not doing it at Samsung’s retail flagship Experience Store in East London. The Verge reported that Samsung has shut down its Westfield Stratford store, one of two big showcase venues in London intended as Samsung’s answer to the Apple Store.

Samsung is still running its Experience Store in the more centrally located West End, and in a statement to the Verge the company said it is “fully committed” to running its remaining nine stores in the U.K.

The closure comes a year after Samsung announced plans to make a big retail push throughout Europe with partner Carphone Warehouse. But since then Samsung has posted a few very disappointing quarters in smartphone sales. As my colleague KIf Leswing points out, Samsung’s biggest challenge is building more low-end smartphones to target the emerging markets. Meanwhile these Experience stores are more aimed at high-end devices sales.