Who’s listening? Skype on Android flaw may allow eavesdropping

Heads up if you use Skype on an Android device: A reported flaw in the software allows another Skype user to listen to you through your phone without you even knowing.

First reported on Reddit and later by Neowin, here’s how it works at a high level. A Skype caller¬†starts a connection to your device over Skype by calling but hangs up before the call is actually connected. Skype will attempt to reconnect and then will access both your microphone and camera. Effectively, this lets the caller hear and see what’s going on around your Android phone or tablet, leaving you relatively unaware.

Skype on Android

The original Reddit poster says that he reached out to [company]Microsoft[/company] and that the company responded, saying it’s aware of the issue and is working on a fix. As of time of writing, the last Skype update for Android took place on December 9 in the [company]Google[/company] Play Store, so¬†I’d stay tuned and watch for an update; then again, we’re just about ready to enter the holiday week, which could affect any development work on Skype.