Scrooges strike: Xbox Live, Playstation Network both down

Bad news if there was an Xbox or Playstation under the tree this Christmas Day: You won’t likely get to use either console online for a bit. Why? Both system networks are experiencing issues, reportedly due to a denial of service attack, says Neowin.

[company]Sony[/company] indicated on Twitter that it is aware of an issue that’s impacting its network:

A search on Twitter for “Playstation network” shows that at time of writing, there are many people impacted and complaining. The same can be said for [company]Microsoft[/company]’s Xbox Live service; here’s one example I found on Twitter:

I also checked Microsoft’s official Xbox Live status page and it shows that service is indeed limited:

Xbox Live status Christmas Day


Microsoft will text you when service is restored, as indicated in the screenshot above. That’s helpful once the issues are resolved but as is often the case when these services are negatively impacted, it’s difficult to know how long it will take to resolve the problems. And for many new game console owners this holiday, that’s as good as coal in the stocking.