Samsung is preparing a improved Galaxy Note 4, probably for Korea

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is less than a few months old, but it’s already getting an upgrade: On Monday, Samsung announced a new Galaxy Note 4 variant powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor.

The Snapdragon 810 will be Qualcomm’s flagship mobile chip in 2015. It’s likely to be at the heart of most of the top-tier Android phones launching this upcoming year — like the Galaxy S6, Sony’s Xperia Z4 and the high-end phone HTC is working onIMG_3533

The new Galaxy Note 4 is likely to benefit from the new silicon in two specific ways.

The United States version of the  Note 4 uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805, which is one of the last 32-bit mobile chips. The Snapdragon 810 uses eight 64-bit cores, which the latest version of Android can take advantage of. Android 5.0 launched without a flagship 64-bit capable phone, and the new Note 4 can fill that gap until more Snapdragon 810-equipped devices hit the market.

The new Note should also be able to take advantage of Category 9 carrier aggregation for LTE-Advanced which should result in faster mobile broadband speeds. The new Note 4 supports aggregating 3 x 20 MHz data channels, so the device can theoretically download data as quickly as 450 Mbps on networks that support it. In reality, users won’t see speeds close to the what can be done in a lab. The United States is somewhat behind other countries at adopting carrier aggregation. For instance, South Korea’s SK Telecom started testing the technology on its network in 2013. AT&T has used only used carrier aggregation to boost speeds in some parts of the United States since March.

The Snapdragon 810-equipped Note 4 will be the phone’s third variant. In addition to the two [company]Qualcomm[/company]-powered versions, there’s a Galaxy Note 4 variant equipped with Samsung’s own Exynos 5433 chip.

[company]Samsung[/company] has a habit of launching slightly upgraded versions of its flagship phones in its home country. Last year, it sold a special version of the Galaxy S5 with a sharper screen and faster processor, but this year’s special Note 4 should be identical to the current Note 4 except for the upgraded processor. Although there’s no official price or word on availability, Americans shouldn’t save their dollars for this device — this phone’s likely staying overseas.