Sony PSN still struggling in wake of Christmas DDoS attacks

Frustrated users were still taking to Twitter to complain and Sony’s Playstation Network support page still showed intermittent connectivity Monday night in the wake of a serious wave on attacks that took both Sony’s gaming service and Microsoft’s Xbox services offline on Christmas Day.

The denial of service attacks hit the companies where it hurt, affecting millions of customers as they were unwrapping new consoles and games, some of which needed to be connected to their respective networks to work. Microsoft’s Xbox site reports that the Xbox service is running as of Monday night, but the IGN and Maxim apps are experiencing problems, but the Sony network seems to have some deeper problems. A colleague of mine reports that he couldn’t connect his PS3.

We have reached out to Sony for comment, and will update the story if we hear back. The “Lizard Squad,” a group of hackers taking credit for the DDoS attacks, had said it was moving on to target Tor, the anonymous routing software, so it’s unclear if Sony is experiencing new attacks or continued trouble from the previous ones.

For those trying to get their Playstations back online, Sony is tweeting out a link so users can attempt to reconnect: