NYC considers Bitcoin, Apple Pay as options to pay parking fines

You can buy an increasing number of goods of services with cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Apple’s new mobile payments platform Pay, but soon their reach could expand to fines as well – specifically parking tickets. New York City is contemplating a mobile service that will let parking scofflaws pay their tickets right where they are issued using a number of different mobile payment methods, according to MarketWatch.

In a city where it’s notoriously difficult to park legally, NYC issues as many as 10 million parking tickets each year, many of which rack up further fines after they go unpaid for 30 days. But the city is hoping that by making it easier for busy New Yorkers to pay their fines will lead to more timely collection of that ticket revenue, MarketWatch reported.

The city is weighing creating a mobile app that would let you snap a picture of your ticket from the phone or scan a barcode and then produce a payment interface that could include [company]PayPal[/company] as well as [company]Apple[/company] Pay and Bitcoin. While there are no set plans or timeline in place to introduce that app, MarketWatch said, the city has issued a request for information (RFI) to gather more data on how such an instant payment system would work.