Dislike Android? The Pixi 3 comes in Windows and Firefox, too

Here’s an interesting new smartphone strategy from Alcatel: The company’s new line of Pixi phones will give consumers a choice between Firefox OS, Android, and Windows Phone.


Alcatel wants its Pixi brand to be the first major smartphone brand that is “platform agnostic.” Alcatel already makes various phones running the three operating systems, from the Firefox-running Fire to the Windows Phone-powered Alcatel One Touch View.

There will be four sizes of the Alcatel Pixi 3, ranging in screen size from 3.5-inches up to 5-inches. The smallest phone won’t support an LTE connection, but the others will. Specs aren’t available but I wouldn’t expect these “affordable” phones to be world-beaters. These devices will be optimized for cost and value, using a selection of low to mid-range components.

In 2014, HTC released its One M8 hardware in both Android and Windows Phone variants. So it’s not unheard of to sell the same phone in multiple operating system flavors. Alcatel’s Pixi 3 phones probably won’t triple-boot. It’s much more likely that a consumer can choose which operating system she prefers when purchasing the device.


[company]Alcatel[/company] also announced a smartwatch on Friday.  From the provided photos, the creatively-named Watch looks a lot like a Moto 360. Alcatel isn’t an officially announced Android Wear partner and the announcement doesn’t mention Google’s smartwatch OS. The company even has its own smartwatch OS. But it’s not out of the question that Alcatel’s “affordable smartwatch” runs Android Wear. The announcement says it connects specifically to Android phones.

Pixi used to be a Palm trademark when that company was making WebOS phones. Recently, a company chaired by Alcatel’s United States president bought the Palm brand and associated trademarks from HP. Alcatel has made Pixi-branded phones in the past, so the revival of the Palm sub-brand doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be seeing an Alcatel Treo or Pre in the near future.