Meet the Withings Activité Pop: a $150 health tracking watch

If at $450, the Withings Activité watch doesn’t fit in your budget,, the company has a new less-expensive option. It’s called the Activité Pop, and the traditional-looking watch will only set you back $150.

withings pop

Like it’s more expensive sibling the Pop doesn’t look much different from any other analog watch you might wear on the wrist. That’s a good thing as many of today’s smartwatches are bulky and take design cues from touchscreen phones, also offering poor battery life. And the new Pop retains the same features as the $450 model; tracking your sleep, swimming and steps, with data available through a companion phone app, plus the battery lasts for eight months.

Why does it only cost one-third of the original model, then? You’re not paying for a Swiss-made timepiece, for starters. This is more akin to the Timex or Swatch crowd when it comes to materials such as the silicone strap and PVD-coated case for scratch resistance. It’s only waterproof up to 30 meters as well; the original version takes that down to 50 meters.

Look for the new Activité Pop in three colors — beige, blue and grey — when it arrives on Best Buy’s website tomorrow, with wider availability in March.