The “first great Apple Watch accessory” is here at CES

Companies aren’t wasting any time getting on the Apple Watch bandwagon. Here’s Exhibit A: The Bandstand Apple Watch Dock from Standzout, prototypes of which will be on display at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

Bandstand Apple Watch dock

The dock, which Standzout called “first great Apple Watch accessory,” will charge your [company]Apple[/company] Watch using an induction charging plate that holds the timepiece. It gets power from a wire in the dock’s base, which also includes two USB ports to recharge other devices, such as an iPad or iPhone. The platform also pivots so you can tilt your Apple Watch just so.

I can’t say I’m surprised by such a dock; this is probably one of many that we’ll see this year. But I may have to stop by theĀ Standzout booth to get a closer look at this, mainly because I’m not sure there’s a real purpose here.

Most of the time, the Apple Watch will beĀ on your wrist; you’re not likely going to dock it for viewing information when you’ll have that same info available to you on other iOS devices. And with such a small battery inside the Apple Watch, I wouldn’t expect it to take more than an hour or two to recharge the timepiece. For the moment, this seems like a fancy charging dock you might not need for a watch you don’t yet have.