Lenovo’s wearable, the Vibe Band VB10, is a low-cost looker

When you hear that the Lenovo Vibe Band VB10 announced at CES costs just $89, you probably don’t have high style expectations for the wearable health tracker and notification device. Take a gander at this┬áband though and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

The Vibe Band VB10 — which really needs a shorter name, Lenovo — has a crisp e-ink display and strap┬áthat looks quite fashionable; at least to my eye (said the guy who wears Beatles T-Shirts daily).

lenovo-smartband-vb10The 1.43-inch display shows the time as well as notifications from a smartphone paired over a Bluetooth connection. You’ll be able to see alerts such as calls, text messages and notifications from social networks: Not too much, but not too little for under $90 either. It can also ring your nearby phone if your handset fell between the couch cushions.

From a health perspective, Lenovo’s band tracks steps, calculated calories, distance walked and your hours of sleep. Yes, you can crash overnight with the Vibe Band VB10 on your wrist because it doesn’t need a daily recharge. Lenovo said the low-power Snapdragon 410 processor paired with the e-ink display will get you seven days on a single charge.

VIBE Band VB10_Black_01 VIBE Band VB10_Family_02

The Vibe Band VB10 works with both [company]Google[/company] Android and [company]Apple[/company] iOS phones and is due out on retail shelves this coming April. Sorry, you’ll have to wait a few months for a low-cost heath tracker that looks this chic.