LG brings a smaller but potent curved phone in the G Flex 2

Last year, LG tested the curved phone waters with its G Flex handset, a 6-inch handset that self-healed scratches. This year, LG toned it down a bit with a smaller successor called the G Flex 2. The Android phone has less of a curve, uses a more manageable 5.5-inch display and Qualcomm’s fastest processor.

G-Flex 2

LG introduced the G Flex 2 at its CES press event on Monday, making it the first (of likely several) phone announced with the new Snapdragon 810 processor. The eight-core 2.0 GHz chip is 64-bit compatible for [company]Google[/company] Android 5.0, works with 2 GB of memory, and supports 3x20MHz LTE carrier aggregation for networks that support it. LG also carried over the laser autofocus system and optical image stabilization from its current flagship phone to the G Flex 2 for the 13 megapixel camera.

LG’s own plastic OLED display technology is used in the new phone; it’s the same screen type found on the company’s G Watch R, only much higher resolution: 1080p in this case. I like that choice as opposed to an even higher resolution because it can help with overall performance and battery life. Since the phone uses [company]Qualcomm[/company]’s chip, it can take advantage of that company’s quick-charging technology. The 3,000 mAh battery can go from zero to half-charged in just 40 minutes.

While the phone is still curved like its predecessor, LG has made some changes. The display has a 700 millimeter curved radius while the rear of the phone is slightly less curved: It has a 650 millimeter radius. LG says this helps for holding the phone and fitting more comfortably in pockets.

LG says the G Flex 2 arrives in Korea later this month with additional markets to follow. Curved phones still seem to be a niche product to me, but the overall package here is appealing: A top-notch processor not hampered by a higher than full HD screen and a solid camera system for an Android Lollipop phone.