Milk Music opens up on the web, Samsung adds Milk apps to TVs

Samsung is bringing its new Milk media services everywhere: Milk Music, the Pandora-like music streaming service that the company launched exclusively on Samsung handsets last March, went live on Samsung smart TVs Monday, and a web player for the service is being launched on Samsung’s website this spring. Milk Video, the mobile video aggregation app that launched on Samsung phones in November,  will also come to the company’s smart TVs this spring, the company announced at CES in Las Vegas on Monday.

Notable about this announcement is that the Milk Music web player will be available to everyone, not just Samsung device owners. Milk Music’s Android app has been available via Google Play, but only works with Samsung handsets. [company]Samsung[/company] initially launched Milk Music as an ad-free service that was meant to add an extra benefit to owning a Samsung device. However, the company has long said that Milk Music would only remain ad-free for a limited time. One should expect Samsung to add ads to Milk once it’s available via the web to anyone.

Samsung also officially unveiled its Milk VR app at CES on Monday after soft-launching the app a week ago.