Rackspace to users: It’s time to move to next-gen cloud

You know how hard it is to let go of things. That ancient high school sweatshirt, the Netware server in the closet … But at some point you have to say goodbye. And that’s what Rackspace is telling customers who still run workloads on its old (um, venerable) Slicehost-based First Generation Cloud servers. This year, those people will have to migrate to the company’s shinier, newer OpenStack-based Next Generation Cloud.

Starting this month, [company]Rackspace[/company] will start notifying those customers 30 days in advance of when their servers become eligible for migration. When the time comes, customers can migrate the servers themselves or let Rackspace do it for them. This is all according to an email sent to some customers already and confirmed by Rackspace as legitimate.

“If you choose not to self-migrate, Rackspace will migrate your First Generation servers on your behalf at the end of the self-migration window,” according to the letter.

Once everything has been moved, interactions with those servers will happen via a new API.

Rackspace bought Slicehost in 2008 to better compete with [company]Amazon[/company] Web Services. In 2011, a Rackspace exec said Slicehost customers would be moved to Rackspace servers over the course of that year. That, apparently, was to convert the branding, but some underlying technology lived on in those first-gen servers. And now it’s time to say goodbye.

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