Cast-Fi is a speaker with a display and a port for Chromecast

This is kinda neat: Burbank, California-based Aurender is showing a small speaker dubbed Cast-Fi 7 at CES that comes with an integrated 7-inch display to watch videos and TV shows, as well as a HDMI port that is meant to be used to plug in a Chromecast or any other HDMI-based streaming stick.

Here’s how the device looks like from the back, complete with a nook that perfectly fits a HDMI dongle:

Cast-Fi 7

The 24 watt speaker, which the company officially launched late last year, is selling for $399 on Amazon. That’s a lot of money, considering that you may be able to buy a small TV for less. But there is something compelling about this approach: The device itself doesn’t run any app platform, which also means that it won’t be outdated in a year or two. Instead, you just plug in a streaming stick, and you’re good.