Sneak peek: This is Samsung’s Milk Music on the web

Samsung will bring its Milk Music service to Samsung TVs as well as the web, it announced at CES in Las Vegas this week. The TV version is already available on existing Samsung TVs and will be on 2015 models when they start to ship as well, but Milk’s foray to the web is arguably a lot more significant: It’s the first time the service, which offers personalized radio streams similar to Pandora, will be available to users who don’t own a Samsung phone.

So what will these users get? Samsung gave a small group of journalists a preview of the web app Wednesday. Here’s a quick video of the app, which won’t be released for at least a few more weeks:


Milk Music on the web features the same color navigation bar as the mobile version as well as the TV app that Samsung just launched, allowing users to quickly navigate through stations. It also introduces an effect similar to Apple’s Cover Flow ┬áto visualize the changing stations, and it will let users fine tune stations, just like the mobile version of Milk Music.


Samsung hasn’t announced yet what other changes it is going to introduce, but it’s all but inevitable that the web version of Milk Music will feature ads. Currently, streaming with Milk Music is ad-free, and users of the free tier are allowed to skip up to six songs per hour.

Users who elect to pay $3.99 per month are getting unlimited skips and better audio quality, but essentially, Samsung is subsidizing free listening in order to make its devices more attractive. One shouldn’t expect the company to also do the same for web streams, which will be available to users of other devices as well.