Sneak peek: This is TCL’s GoLive video streaming service

All eyes were on Dish’s new Sling TV service at CES this year, but others are moving forward with their own video streaming plans as well. One of them is TCL: The Chinese TV manufacturer has for some time talked about wanting to deliver live TV programming to its TV sets around the world, and the company gave a first preview of its GoLive streaming service at its booth on the CES show floor this week.


TCL didn’t actually officially announce GoLive at the show, and the current status of the service was a bit unclear. Someone at the TCL booth told me that it is for now only available in China, but a spec sheet on display said that GoLive has already launched in 20 countries and is being accessed by more than 100,000 monthly active users. A premium movie component is apparently scheduled to launch in China and Australia this fall.


The GoLive demo on display had access to 464 TV channels, all being streamed over the internet, with a big focus on Chinese and other international content.


The GoLive app looked like any other streaming service, with one interesting difference: GoLive apparently lets users earn rewards points for watching ads, which can then be redeemed for premium content.


It may be some time before GoLive becomes available in the U.S., but its focus on international content could be appealing to some audiences, plus possibly a first step for more to come. Dish actually did the same thing and launched its DishWorld services with live TV content from around the world first to build out its infrastructure and prepare itself for the launch of Sling TV.