Augmedix raises $16M in Series A round

Augmedix has announced a Series A funding round of $16 million, co-led by itsĀ seed investors Emergence Capital and DCM Ventures. Total funding is now $23 million.

Augmedix is a medical records solution based on Google Glass, perhaps one of the sectors where Glass is an obvious win. As health care records have increasingly gone digital, doctors have been confronted with the need to generate digital records and to access them while meeting with patients. This can have a large time commitment, and degrade the patient/doctor interaction, since the doctor must call up information on a PC or tablet.




Augmedix was founded in 2012 by two Stanford grads, Ian Shakil and Pelu Tran, who realized that Glass could be a great enabler in medical settings. Their software acts as a front end for most electronic records systems. Medical staff can call up information about patients while in conversation with them. Live video can be streamed and retained for record keeping and later analysis. Some doctors say this is saving them up to two hours a day. The company is a Glass Certified Partner.

While there has been a lot written recently about developers dropping out of the Google Glass program, it’s clear that the medical sector is not confronted by the same concerns that might be influencing consumer products (see What can we expect from Google Glass in the enterprise).

Augmented reality is a killer app in this sector, as it will be in others, like security, military, and manufacturing, where the admitted geekiness of Glass doesn’t factor.