Galaxy S6 TouchWiz software will reportedly be leaner and faster

After five Galaxy S models, Samsung may be slimming down the TouchWiz software on its phones. Industry sources speaking to Business Korea say the software will be optimized to run comparably to that of Google’s Nexus 6, which uses a basic version of Android.

SamMobile, which previously reported that Samsung was creating both the Galaxy S6 hardware and software from scratch, spotted the Business Korea coverage on Tuesday. While the Galaxy S line runs the basic version of Android made available to all of [company]Google[/company]’s hardware partners, TouchWiz is the software overlay and extra features that Samsung adds to the Galaxy phones to differentiate them from competitor’s handsets.

Galaxy S 4 featured

Initially, I liked Samsung’s TouchWiz approach and bought several Samsung phones over a few years. For me, though, the Galaxy S4 was the turning point. Reviewing that phone in 2013, I was positive overall but thought some might feel overwhelmed with so many settings, options and add-ons:

If you enabled all of the buttons in the Notification panel — think one-touch buttons for Wi-Fi, Sound, Bluetooth, etc. — you’d have 19 options to choose from. That’s because of the Samsung-specific features.

TouchWiz had gotten so big on the Galaxy S4 that Samsung included an Easy Mode to hide many of the phone’s advanced functions — helpful, but a sign of too much complexity. All of these software additions have the potential to use precious system resources as well, such as CPU cycles, battery life and memory, which can degrade the overall phone experience.

I’ve previously said — most recently about Chromebooks — that simplicity is a feature. And if the Galaxy S6 has that feature, I think it will do much to help boost the company’s smartphone sales.