Google takes on AWS CloudWatch with a monitor of its own

Google is moving ahead with the integration of Stackdriver technology with a new beta of Google Cloud Monitoring. Google bought Stackdriver, a Boston-based provider of cross-cloud monitoring tools, last May and announced an alpha release of the tool at Google Platform Live a month later.

The new beta, which will compete with Amazon Web Services’ CloudWatch, will initially focus solely on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The goal remains to provide a single way to watch workloads across public (including AWS) and hybrid clouds, according a blog post by Google product manager (and Stackdriver Co-founder) Dan Belcher. No timing on the non-Google cloud support was given but in an email message but in a follow-up email, Belcher said the company remains committed to providing a single tool to monitor applications across Google Cloud Platform, AWS and hybrid environments.

He added that Stackdriver (I guess that means Google now) added AWS Kinesis integration for existing Stackdriver customers.


According to the post, all GCP customers, as opposed to a select subset, can now use the monitor to see how their Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud SQL workloads are doing.

The monitor promises metrics to help admins gauge the general health of their resources — users can create aggregate views of their key systems and bring in custom metrics. From there, they can create custom dashboards of what they want to watch. It also provides data on usage, up-time, performance and incidents where alerting policies are violated, according to the blog.

Stackdriver filled in a check box on Google’s to-do list of what it needs to gain credibility among enterprise accounts, where admins really need a window into what’s going on in their public cloud workloads.

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