Microsoft quietly buries Scroogled site

Microsoft’s much maligned “Scroogled” campaign is finally, completely dead, apparently. Winbeta spotted that the old Scroogled site ( now redirects to a higher-road “Why Microsoft” site. The vendor started pulling broadcast and print Scroogled ads last spring, but the web site had lived on until recently.

When Satya Nadella stepped up as [company]Microsoft[/company] CEO in February, I sort of figured both Scroogled and Mark Penn, the former Burson Marsteller PR head, Hilary Clinton strategist and pollster, might be on his way out as well. But such was not the case. Instead, he was promoted to chief strategy officer.

Microsoft brought Penn aboard in July of 2012 as corporate VP of strategic and special projects, reporting to then-CEO Steve Ballmer. His mandate was to focus on branding and positioning in the consumer arena. Hence, Scroogled, which is the high-tech equivalent of a negative ad campaign meant to paint [company]Google[/company] search as inferior, and more intrusive into your personal life, than Microsoft Bing search. It didn’t gain much traction.

Whatever you think of Penn, a Microsoft insider said, his polling background means he has a proficiency with stats (aka data) and he can talk a great game armed with his research — and Nadella loves data.

So Scroogled is dead but Penn lives on.