Samsung’s next watch: No digital crown but maybe a rotating bezel

Tim Cook showed us how the digital crown will work on the Apple Watch when introducing the device in September. The zoom control of that crown is unique but Samsung may be taking a similar approach with its own take, possibly using a rotating bezel for smartwatch interaction.

SamMobile suggests that we’ll see exactly that when Samsung launches its next watch. Sources tell SamMobile that the smartwatch — codenamed Orbis — will debut at next month’s Mobile World Congress and use a rotating ring as part of the interface. It’s worth noting that Samsung was granted a patent in November showing how a rotating watch bezel could display a schedule with various appointments and events gaining focus when turning the bezel ring.

samsung watch bezel patent

Since Samsung has already switched over to Tizen from [company]Google[/company] Android Wear software, it’s a very safe bet that trend continues. Samsung will reportedly offer an SDK for developers to use the rotating bezel in their own apps as well. The company hasn’t yet offered a round smartwatch, so if Orbis does debut as expected, it will be the first, competing with the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R.

I’ve settled on a square watch, having bought a Sony Smartwatch 3. However, I can see the benefit of a bezel or crown, even though my watch doesn’t have either. While Android Wear has improved, it’s not what I’d call fun to swipe and scroll through various menus on a touchscreen watch. Using some type of rotating control would be faster.