OMsignal’s biometric shirt gets smarter with a trainer program

Wearing a shirt that can monitor your breathing and heart-rate while exercising can be useful but what if personal trainers could tap into that information? That’s the question that OMsignal plans to answer.

The company, which already sells a biometric vest that I tested in November, is now launching its Certified Biometric Training Platform to complement its smart wearable shirt with actionable information trainers can use.

omsignal black box


Here’s how the program will work. Health clubs and trainers can submit their workout plans to the OMsignal Fitness Advisory Committee, which will review and certify the programs. The committee comprises health experts; kinesiologists, strength coaches, personal trainers, and doctors, the company says. Working with the committee, trainers can use the OMsignal apparel and app to focus on specific metrics for their clients.

Once a program is certified, trainers will have access to see their client’s biometric data in real-time — fed from the fabric sensors and Bluetooth module from the OMsignal shirt — on a dashboard; they can see data from multiple people or a single individual working out, using an iPad, iPhone or connected TV and the OMsignal app. Even better, the program works remotely so a trainer can check in on someone who’s doing their workout from home.

omsignal trainer dashboard

OMsignal says it is beginning to accept programs for certification; it will add certified 4- to 6-week programs to the OMsignal app and expects to offer the OM Trainer Dashboard and remote access this spring.

Given that the OMsignal smart shirt is fairly purpose driven — it can be worn all day but likely adds more value capturing data during workouts — this program is a smart move. Devices that get biometric or health-tracking data are becoming commonplace; getting that data in real-time to a training expert who can create or modify workouts based on it is a step beyond.