Lumia Camera plays a starring role in Windows Phone Denim update

Microsoft has been sharing details on its Demim update, the next step up for Windows Phone, since September. And just prior to the end of 2014, it began a limited rollout of the new software, promising widespread availability starting in early January. Now Microsoft is making good on that promise, although carrier approval for the Denim update will add some delay in the rollout.

While your Lumia waits for the software, Microsoft is reminding you what exactly is in the Denim update, highlighting new features in a blog post, along with a video look.


Much of the video shows the Cortana voice assistant updates and new user interface tweaks; you can add Live Folders now, not just have Live Tiles. The second half of the video, however, shows off the new Lumia Camera, which I got a chance to see earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show.

I spent time with Juha Alakarhu, head of imaging technology for [company]Microsoft[/company] Lumia phones, and he’s understandably excited about the new Lumia Camera app. After running through some real-time demos, I was excited too. Output from the new Moments capture, which starts snapping a brief 4K video, looked fantastic. So did images taken with the simple Rich Capture mode, which lets you adjust dynamic range and the amount of flash after the photo is taken. The variable flash changes were very impressive.

Alakarhu also showed me the improved overall speed of the Camera app, which now does photo processing in the background so you can keep snapping away and capture images such as this sample.

lumia camera image

If there’s been a standout feature on Lumia phones, I think most would say it’s the camera imaging. Part of that is the hardware, of course, but software and photo processing are equally important. With Lumia Camera on the Denim software update, Microsoft will prove that point yet again.