Samsung’s next Edge could have a pair of displays on each side

Samsung’s next phone project could be a double-edged sword of sorts. Instead of one side display, like the Galaxy Note Edge, the company is reportedly working on adding a display to both sides of a next-generation Edge handset running Google Android.

The news comes from SamMobile, which generally has a solid track record and sources of Samsung’s internal plans. The site doesn’t hasn’t found an official name for the phone, instead calling it the Galaxy S6 Edge for now:

Today, we can confirm that Samsung is indeed developing a Galaxy S6 with two-edge displays, one on each side, reports our source. Similar to how the Galaxy Note Edge was a separate variant of the Galaxy Note 4, the SM-G925 will be a separate variant of the Galaxy S6. We aren’t yet sure what the Korean firm will officially call this special variant, but for the sake of this article, we will be calling it the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Thinking about this logically, it makes sense for [company]Samsung[/company] to at least be considering an Edge phone with two side panels instead of just one. On the currently available Note Edge, the single side display is on the right side of the handset and is effectively rendered useless for those who primarily use their phone in the left hand. Adding a second display would resolve that issue.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

My original take on the side panel of the Note Edge wasn’t favorable but over time, I’ve come to see some benefits. I particularly like how the small display can show the time; handy for when the phone is charging overnight on a nearby nightstand, for example. And it’s early days yet: Developers can take advantage of Samsung’s SDK to create interesting new uses for the second display; or even the tertiary one if the next Edge phone has a pair of screens on the side.