Gigaom Research webinar: Perceptive intelligence: the future of cognizant machines and devices

In 1950, pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing proposed the question “can machines think?” He felt that if a machine could imitate humans closely enough to fool them into thinking it was a human, it passed the “Turing test.” As today’s devices pack more powerful processors and sensors, they have become much smarter. But, can they pass the Turing test? And if they can think and behave like humans, what will this mean for us?

As devices begin to see and hear in 3D and as machine learning allows them to perceive and process that information like humans, new worlds of possibilities open. Robots, cars, and other devices will become autonomous, anticipating outcomes far faster and more accurately. Devices will also have the intelligence to think with us, rather than for us.

This journey to broader device and machine intelligence will not happen overnight, nor will it happen all at once. In this Gigaom Research webinar, we will discuss the technologies that will enable this perceptive intelligence. We will also evaluate the long-term future and provide advice to technologists and manufacturers looking to participate in the coming era of device intelligence.

Webinar discussion topics:

  • Are today’s machines and devices intelligent enough?
  • What is the gap between human and machine perception, and how can we close it?
  • How will hardware, networking, and software advances move devices from “awareness” to true intelligence?
  • Where will this intelligence reside?
  • What are potential applications of this perceptive intelligence in cars, robotics, healthcare, and the enterprise?
  • How can we balance the benefits of machine intelligence with the “creep factor” and privacy concerns?
  • What are the security implications of more connected, perceptive devices, and how should we address them?

Speakers include:

  • Michael Wolf, Chief Analyst, NextMarket Insights
  • Phil Hendrix, Founder and Director, Institute for Mobile Markets Research
  • Jody Ranck, CEO, Ranck Consulting
  • Maged Zaki, Director Technical Marketing, Qualcomm

Register here to join Gigaom Research and Qualcomm for “Perceptive Intelligence: The Future of Cognizant Machine and Devices,” a free analyst webinar on Tuesday, January 27, 2014, at 10 a.m. PT.