Microsoft introduces Surface Hub, a 4K TV with Windows 10

If a 4K television and a Windows 10 computer went out on a date, the end result might be what Microsoft introduced on Wednesday: The Surface Hub.

Although it didn’t share any pricing or availability information, Microsoft did show off the 84-inch collaboration-driven touchscreen display. The multitouch screen has two cameras, dual microphones, speakers, integrated Wi-Fi and generally everything else you’d expect to find in a computer. You can also use a digital pen on the Surface Hub.

In its demonstration, Microsoft showed how Surface Hub is meant for teamwork, complete with Skype support. But it’s not just another video conference device.

hub with skype

In a meeting, participants can share images and documents with the group from their own Windows 10 device on the Surface Hub. You can tile different apps to show documents on side of the screen while having an interactive digital whiteboard on the other. And when the meeting is over, all of the notes are automatically sent to everyone on the team.

Microsoft says it is looking forward to seeing what its partners and customers do with the new Surface Hub. I’m more interested in seeing the price tag, thinking it would make for a nice Xbox One display since Windows 10 can stream games from Microsoft’s console.

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