Microsoft introduces a feature-packed browser in Project Spartan

Along with news of a free Windows 10 upgrade path, Microsoft on Wednesday shared details of its new browser, codenamed Project Spartan. The browser will first appear on PCs in the coming months and eventually find a home on handsets and tablets.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore showed off Project Spartan, highlighting three main features.¬†First, is a collaboration function where multiple users can use a pen or fingertip to add ink markups on a web page, similar to [company]Microsoft[/company]’s OneNote product.

reading list

Second are improvements to the existing Reader feature found in Internet Explorer; Project Spartan can save web pages and PDFs to a reading list, the contents of which can be read offline. Lastly, contextual information will be provided by Cortana as needed. Search for restaurant, for example, and Cortana could be used to make reservations or provided details about the menu.

Project Spartan will use a new rendering engine when it launches first to Windows Insiders later this year.

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