AWS boosted cloud reliability in 2014, new stats show

Amazon Web Services is not an organization that rests on its laurels. New stats compiled by CloudEndure show that AWS, the public cloud market leader, boosted reliability significantly over the course of last year, based on the number of errors reported. It logged 41 percent fewer errors in the fourth quarter of 2014 than in the first quarter.

2014 AWS errors by quarter

CloudEndure, which offers disaster recovery and cloud migration services, based its findings on data from the [company]Amazon[/company] health dashboard.

Also tracked: Number of errors by AWS service, but there’s more data too, so check out the whole post. CloudEndure added suggestions right out of the AWS playbook, such as that workloads should be deployed across regions.

2014 AWS Errors by Service

CloudEndure, based in Israel with offices in New York City, also tracks [company]Microsoft[/company] Azure availability and posted this earlier this week. It does not follow [company]Google[/company] Cloud Platform.

Azure Service Errors 2014 by quarter