Android 5.0 comes to the Moto G, even the 2013 model in India

Motorola is making good on another one of its promises, rolling out Android 5.0 to its mid-range handset in both the U.S. and India. The second-generation phone is getting the software upgrade in waves, according to a Google+ post from the company.

When Motorola debuted the 2014 edition of its $179 handset back in September, it shipped with Android 4.4, but the company said it would update the phone to the next major [company]Google[/company] Android version, even though Lollipop hadn’t officially been announced. If you have the second-gen Moto G, you’ll see a notification when the software is ready for your phone, although you can check manually as well: In Settings, tap About Phone and then System Updates.

moto g lollipop

Surprisingly, even the older Moto G from 2013 is getting Android 5.0 in India. I don’t recall [company]Motorola[/company] promising that, so it’s nice to see and it could indicate that first-gen Moto G owners in other countries could see Google’s latest and greatest software as well.

Thanks to keeping its Android software changes to a relative minimum, Motorola has been a leader when it comes to Android software updates. Carriers still maintain control over the actual software push over many of the phones here in the U.S. but Motorola has quickly turned around its changes so that device owners get the updates sooner than those who bought competitors phones.