Dropbox acquires Pixelapse, a toolset for design management

Pixelapse has announced the company is being acquired by Dropbox:

Pixelapse + Dropbox

We started Pixelapse with the mission of building the definitive version control and collaboration platform for creatives. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to become a part of the daily workflow of tens of thousands of freelance designers and creative teams. The prospect of developing products at Dropbox that expand this vision to millions of users is tremendously exciting.

Our new development efforts will be focused on bringing the same kinds of collaboration and workflow experiences that you’re used to in Pixelapse over to the core Dropbox product. Pixelapse as a standalone product will continue to operate and be supported for the next year as we work towards this goal, at which point we’ll offer a migration plan for your work.

I got my start in technology studying computer science, and worked on program environments: tools for programmers. One of the most essential is version control, where changes introduced into software can be managed very carefully, and various versions of similar bits of software — for example, different compiler back-ends targeting different chips — can be controlled in a single artifact, and by judiciously extracting the correct version could lead to assembling a working chunk of code — for example, a C compiler for BSD Unix running on a 68K chip. The same sort of treatment goes on in document management tools, as well.

I always wondered why someone hadn’t built the same solution for design. It seems that Pixelapse has done so, and now will be rolled into Dropbox.

Pixelapse is another Y combinator alum, and raised an undisclosed amount in two rounds of funding.

Only last week, Dropbox announced the acquisition of Cloudon (see Dropbox acquires Cloudon). The company is on a tear.