Slack acquires Screenhero for voice, video, and screen sharing

Slack has announced the acquisition of Y combinator alum Screenhero, and will be integrating that company’s voice, video, and screen sharing capabilities into Slack over time. Screenhero will continue to operate for existing customers, and starting now, Slack paying customers will be able to use it, as well, but new signups to Screenhero will be blocked. At some point in the future the independent service will be wound down.

Some posts earlier in 2014 at the Screenhero blog mentioned integrations with Hipchat and Flowdock, Slack competitors. I wonder if those will be supported going forward? It seems unlikely, but I will try to find out.

Update 10:35am PT: Katie Wattie (handling PR for Slack) responds that current Screenhero accounts will continue, until the service is fully integrated and then wound down. At that time, independent Screenhero accounts will be closed, and the Flowdock and Hipchat integrations will no longer work.